ESTD.IN 1908

Registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 in 1917. WWW.TNAIONLINE.ORG

Incorporated in it : Student Nurses' Association, Health Visitors League and Midwives and Auxilliary Nurse-Midwives' Association Affiliated to : Commonwealth Nurses' Federation

TNAI Recruitment Agency


Emergence of the Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) as a government-accredited placement agency is yet another milestone in its onward journey towards improving the lot of Nurses in the country.


Concerned at the exploitative, unethical and deceptive practices of certain unscrupulous agencies operating in this area, TNAI had long been contemplating to provide a safe and fair mechanism to the Nurses, who in increasing numbers, seek employment within the country or abroad.


TNAI shall bring big relief to the Nurses seeking foreign assignments, who shall be enabled to fulfill their dreams for a modest fee rather than shelling out enormous money to the agents of dubious integrity so far monopolising the employment market.


The salient features of the Recruitment Agency are:

ü  To maintain high standards and transparency in selection of candidates in keeping with track record to TNAI

ü  Data flow of each candidate before appearing for the interview or selection process of right candidate for the right post

ü  To avoid third party involvement other than foreign employer and TNAI

ü  To provide necessary training & orientation before departure

ü  A data bank of nurses who are willing to go abroad to be created for uninterrupted supply of nurses overseas

ü  TNAI will research and resolve issues pertaining to employment of nurses abroad

ü  Disseminate the correct information to nurses through TNAI Bulletin, Nursing Journal of India and TNAI website

ü  No hidden charges to be incurred by the applicants other than these stipulated by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.


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