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This Manual (revised and updated in 1990) is one of the most authentic books on Community Health. It covers all main aspects of the subject in the minutest details and is a helpful guide for Community Health Nurse practitioners. It is extensively used by almost all Schools and Colleges of Nursing in India and other countries.

Price: Rs. 150/- (Packing & forwarding charges Rs. 50/- extra per book)
This book (revised and reprinted in 1992) deals with history of Microbiology, classification of micro-organisms, laboratory methods for their identification and proper collection of specimens. It is primarily written for Nursing students at the Basic level.

Price: Rs. 40/- (Packing & forwarding charges Rs. 50/- extra per book)
HANDBOOK OF THE TNAI (Revised Edition)
This book contains comprehensive information about TNAI - the only national level professional organisation of Nurses - its activities, constitution, rules and bye-laws. It also includes information on International Nursing and Health Organisations, development of Military Nursing Services, Public Health Nursing and Nursing Education.
Some of the important topics prescribed in the Basic Nursing syllabus - both GNM and B.Sc. (Nursing) - are also dealt with. It is worth procuring as a personal copy and for the reference of libraries of Schools and Colleges of Nursing.

Price: Rs. 50/- (Packing & forwarding charges Rs. 50/- extra per book)
This book (Published October 2000) is extremely useful for the aspiring Nurse Managers and Administrators of the country. It has five sections with elaborate chapters on Administration and Management, Nursing Service Administration, Community Health Nursing Administration, Administration and Management of Nursing Schools and Modern Management Techniques.

Price: Rs. 300/- (Packing & forwarding charges Rs. 50/- extra per book)
The book is a must for entire Nursing Community providing the historical background of Nursing as a profession and an insight to its gradual development. It contains seven chapters:
1. Early Times
2. Military Nursing
3. Establishment of Significant Hospitals and Nursing Training Schools
4. Development of Nursing and Health Care: 1947-2000
5. Development of Nursing Education in India
6. Development of Public Health and Public Health Nursing, and
7. The Trained Nurses' Association of India

Price: Rs. 150/- (Packing & forwarding charges Rs. 50/- extra per book)
This publication, brought out to coincide with Centenary celebrations of TNAI, highlights the milestones of TNAI. It has been made more broadbased by including issues of health, nursing and midwifery education in 21st century. Also covered are the topics like Government's new programmes in health care and new initiatives: National Rural Health Mission, Janani Suraksha Yojna, Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA); India and AIDS; and Nurse Practitioner in Midwifery etc. There are topical articles on immigration of Indian Nurses and Post-Basic B.Sc. Nursing through distance education etc.

Price: Rs.300/- (Packing & forwarding charges Rs. 50/- extra per book)
The book has been designed by nursing teachers of the country in such a way that it reflects all the domains throughout the text : knowledge, development of attitude and skills. Nursing teachers from various parts of the country have made tireless efforts to make the book comprehensive so that it can be used by all nursing students, teachers and practicing nurses.
The book has 16 chapters and 52 units spread over 700 pages. Each unit has a detailed content, followed by procedures emphasising scientific and nursing principles. The illustrations, diagrams and examples have been incorporated to bring clarity in the textual material. In brief, the book is like a thesaurus.

Price : Rs. 575/- (Packing & forwarding charges Rs. 50/- extra per book).

Note : 10% discount for institutions and individuals.

1. A Community Health Nursing Manual Rs. 150.00
2. Fundamental of Nursing - A Procedure Manual Rs. 575.00
3. History & Trends in Nursing in India Rs. 150.00
4. Nursing Administration and Management Rs. 300.00
5. Simplified Microbiology Rs. 40.00
6. Nursing in India - 2006 Rs. 300.00
7. SNA Diary Rs. 50.00
8. SNA Badge Rs. 20.00
9. SNA Rules Regulations & Bye Laws Rs. 10.00
10. TNAI Hand Book Rs. 50.00
11. TNAI Badge Rs. 20.00
SNA Badges (New)

Rs. 20.00
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