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TNAI organised a workshop in collaboration with CNMF on 9-11 October 2017

Overview of the workshop


TNAI organised a three-day workshop in collaboration with Commonwealth Nurses & Midwives Federation (CNMF) on Celebrating Excellence in Nursing Leadership during 9-11 October 2017 at The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI), L-17, Florence Nightingale Lane, Green Park, New Delhi-110016.

 Theme of the workshop : ‘Being a leader and leading a team’.


Total participants appeared in the workshop was forty (40). These included two delegates from Nepal. Otherswere from six states i.e. Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

Day 1:

Mrs Evelyn P Kannan, Secretary-General, TNAI welcomed the Chief Guest Mr T Dileep Kumar, President, Indian Nursing Council (INC), Special Guest Mrs Ramziah Binti Ahmad, President CNMF and Mrs. Anita Deodhar, President, TNAI in her address. Mrs Ramziah Binti Ahmad, President CNMF gave an overview of the workshop and highlighted the importance of leadership in nursing by presenting the various aspects of leadership i.e. leadership characteristics, ICN code of ethics, CNF project planning, CNMF advocacy and lobbying, healthy lifestyle, planning the project, professional leadership and having a vision. Mrs Anita Deodhar, President, TNAI in her Presidential address admired the importance of the theme of the workshop and said “Leaders don’t do different things but they do the things in a different way”. She hoped that this workshop will develop leadership skills in every way. In his address the Chief Guest Mr T Dileep Kumar, President, INC congratulated TNAI for organizing this workshop which dives into the fundamental issue that occurs when enters i.e. what makes one a leader. He asked whether leaders are born/made/trained? These kinds of workshop sensitize

us and also show us our limits. He said, leadership helps us to understand, how to involve the backbenchers that they brought to centre stage. He emphasised that Indian Nursing Council is engaged in implementing National Health Policy 2017 as mentioned below:

1. Single entry level for Nursing: To ensure the quality of nursing education, the implementation framework seeks to merge GNM Schools with BSc (N) and have a single entry level qualification as BSc (N) for nurses by redesigning the BSc curriculum as practical- based and by phasing out the GNM course. INC has already requested to take steps to phase out GNM courses.

2. Licentiate Exams: In order to improve the quality of healthcare, INC is requested to take steps to bring in licentiate exams for nurses.

3. NUID Live Register: This project, based on the enrollment drive for collection of data of registered nursing personnel across the country, has commenced from March, 2017. However, it appears that the scheme, both for renewal and new registration of nurses is yet to be fully operationalised in all the States.

4. Nurse Practitioner Course: Nurse Practitioner Course in Critical Care has been rolled out by INC and 50 institutions are approved to start the NPCC programme in this academic year. In order to empower the courses, INC may take steps to bring necessary amendments in the INC regulations.

5. The Indian Nursing Council in collaboration with International Council for Nurses (ICN) is bringing up a project on Leadership for a Change.

6. INC is also planning to organise Regional ICN Congress in 2018, which may be conducted either in Bangalore or Goa or Delhi.

7. INC has initiated the BRICK forum which now has universal coverage; the team has already attended a meeting at China. He concluded his speech that INC is working on improving the standards of nursing education, service and research. The inaugural session ended with the vote of thanks by Mrs Sanghamitra Sawant, Assistant Secretary General, TNAI followed by Pre Test and Tea break/Refreshment. The scientific session started at 11am with “The Leadership Journey” by Capt Usha Banerjee, Group Director Nursing (Retd.), Apollo Hospital Group. Next session was on “Being a leader and Leadership characteristics” by Mrs Ramziah Binti Ahmad, President CNMF, followed by group work. In her session she mentioned that the nurse leader today are being accepted as a full fledged member of the senior management team. She also spoke about how nursing leadership is undergoing a rapid change so that the role of a leader is not to get others to follow them, but to empower others to lead. She mentioned that there are

certain mantras like - to avoid bureaucracy and hierarchy, politically savvy, technologically smart that help to become a good nurse. In the afternoon, Mrs Ramziah Binti Ahmad took a session on ‘Code of Ethics’. This was followed by various group work, group exercises and self reflection by the participants.


The morning session started at 9:00 A.M. with presentation on Nursing as a Profession by Mrs Ramziah Binti Ahmad followed by group work by the participants on ‘The essence of communication (working in teams jigsaw)’. Next session was on ‘Being an advocate.’ by Mrs Thankam Gomez, President- Clinical Service, Aarohan Health Care Services. In her session she explained how nursing advocacy plays a critical role in keeping patient safe throughout their

encounter with the health care system. She also discussed on how a nurse can show his/her leadership by ensuring patient care by taking various roles like monitoring the environment of care, enforcement of health policies and promoting best practices for infection control prevention. All the participants actively participated in the enriching interactive session. The afternoon session started by group work activity by the participants on Key characteristics of

a safe nurse and how to avoid burnout & stress. In the meantime CNMF president gave a presentation on Advocacy and lobbying. After that review of learning and evaluation was carried out through group feedback.

Day 3

The session started early morning at 8:30 a.m. with the feedback of previous day of the participants. This  was followed by a session by Mrs Ramziah Binti Ahmad, on project planning. Next to follow was a series of group work by the participants.

Concluding Session

The participants expressed that they have gained knowledge and learned skills by doing group activity. The entire programme was quite interesting and enriched with information and skills. The workshop resume was presented by Mrs Evelyn P Kannan, Secretary General, TNAI. Certificates were presented by Mrs Ramziah Binti Ahmad, President CNMF. Vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs Sanghamitra Sawant,

Assistant Secretary General, TNAI.

Mrs. Evelyn P Kannan

Secretary General

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