ESTD.IN 1908

Registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 in 1917. WWW.TNAIONLINE.ORG

Incorporated in it : Student Nurses' Association, Health Visitors League and Midwives and Auxilliary Nurse-Midwives' Association Affiliated to : Commonwealth Nurses' Federation

Student Nurses' Association: An Overview

 Student Nurses’ Association

Completed 90 years marching towards Centenary………



The Student Nurses’ Association of India (SNAI) is an affiliated association of the student nurses under the umbrella of TNAI. The main purpose behind the establishment of SNAI was to uphold the dignity and to promote a team spirit among students with professional ethics.

SNAI was established in 1929 during TNAI Annual Conference in Madras. Miss L.N.Jeans, Nursing Superintendent, Government General Hospital, Madras, was the first Honorary Organizing Secretary of SNAI. The pioneer unit of SNA was established in General Hospital, Madras. The first SNA annual Conference was held in Delhi during November 1932. The first one-day SNA Conference was held in 1951, and the first Biennial SNA Conference was held at Nagpur in 1961.

Miss I. Dorabji was appointed as first SNAI Secretary followed by Miss M.Philip.  In 1970 with the reorganization of TNAI the designation of the SNAI Secretary was changed to SNAI Advisor. Mrs. NarenderNagpal was appointed as the first SNA Advisor followed by Ms. D. K. Singh (1978-79). The office was re-designated as Assistant Secretary-cum-SNA Advisor. In 2005, again re-designated as Deputy Secretary General-cum-SNA Advisor. 

Further the SNAI units are expanded gradually to many nursing institutions in India and started functioning. Now there are 900 SNAI units and 150000 SNAI members in the country.


a)      To help the students to uphold the dignity of the profession.

b)     To promote team spirit among students for common goal.

c)      To help the students to develop professional ethics.

d)     To encourage students to gain positive attitude towards the nursing profession

e) To encourage the students to develop leadership quality and effective communication skills for overall development.

f)     To encourage students to participate and compete in various events at state, regional and national conferences. 

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