ESTD.IN 1908

Registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 in 1917. WWW.TNAIONLINE.ORG

Incorporated in it : Student Nurses' Association, Health Visitors League and Midwives and Auxilliary Nurse-Midwives' Association Affiliated to : Commonwealth Nurses' Federation

Management of SNA

 SNA Management

Affairs of SNA are managed at the Unit, State and at National level.

At the unit level, the unit executive committee manages SNA affairs.  It comprises of President (Principal of the institution - TNAI member), SNA Advisor (any elected faculty - TNAI member),Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the conveners of various committees are student nurses elected by the students during their SNA General Body meeting.

At the State level, the State SNA Executive Committee comprises of the State TNAI President as ex-officio member, SNA Advisor, Student Vice President, student Secretary elected by all unit Vice president and Secretary of their state during state SNA conference/ Meeting

At the National level, the SNA General Committee Comprises of TNAI President, Honorary Treasurer, Secretary-General, Dy. Secretary General-cum-SNA Advisor and State SNA Advisors and Student SNA Vice Presidents and Student Secretaries.

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